Top 10 apps to Spy on Cell phone without installing software on target phone

mobile phones photoThere are many occasions in life when we feel the need of a spy who can work for us.

As a passionate and honest lover, you want your partner to be as honest as you are with them. As parents you want your children to be on right track and safe.

But when you sense that something is wrong, something is being hidden, then you need an assistant who makes you aware of the real situation.

Spy apps work as a smart and efficient agent for you by getting access to the mobile phone of the person you want to spy on. The whole process is very easy and within minutes you can spy on cell phone without installing software on target phone.

There are many spy apps available in the market. These applications claim many interesting features but fail to deliver quality.

It is not a good idea to try and test each app, you will waste money and time.

We created a list of top 10 Best cell phone spyware for our readers, based on users reviews and ratings. The ranking is totally based on customer experience.

  1. Cell TrackerCell Tracker

Cell Tracker is our best pick because of a great number of satisfied users. The application emerged as a successful program for tracking each and every activity on the target phone. You can easily use all its features without any technical knowledge. All you need to do is set up an account and make a call. You are now able to monitor every single activity on cell phones of the target person.

  • Live calls: Listen and record all the incoming and outgoing calls on target phone
  • Text messages: Read their text messages
  • Ambient Listening: Makes your target phone work as a secret listener. You can hear all the surrounding voices and conversations
  • Pictures: All their pictures
  • Videos: Videos they have stored in their phone memory
  • Instant messages: Read their instant messages
  • GPS Tracking: Track the current location and location history of the phone
  • Social media activities: Monitor their activities on social media
  • Internet usage control: Gain access to their search/download history. Block the sites you don’t want them to use
  • Compatible with all brands smartphones
  • 24/7 dedicated Customer Support
  • Complete security and privacy

Cell Tracker has gained the top level because of all the above-mentioned features. You can find other apps claiming the same or even more features but most of them fail miserably. You get complete security and surety that the target person will never sense that they are being spied or their phone is in observance of someone.

  1. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is our 2nd top spying app for android phone. Based on satisfied users ratings and reviews, the app has proved its efficiency to a maximum level. The slightly heavy on the pocket app has many useful options. You can track the target phone and monitor all other activities without any problem. There is not a single chance that they will ever get to know about it. Highster Mobile app gives complete security and protection to its users. You can avail all the spying features except a few, like,

  • Call streaming
  • Call recording
  • Free GPS Tracking


  1. GuestSpy

GuestSpy is another best spy app for android phones. There are many satisfied users, who recommended the app, but they didn’t need many features. Many unhappy users said that if they knew of a spying app which gives more features and support, they’d have chosen one. You can use GuestSpy app if you don’t need following features.

  • Live call streaming.
  • Call Recording
  • Free GSP Tracking.
  • Your privacy is not secure with them.


  1. mSpy

If you are looking for an affordable spying app, mSpyis the one. But if money is not a matter of concern to you, go for a better option. MSpy app can be good for you if you want to gain limited access to the target phone. The only reason it is one of our best mobile phone spy app, is the privacy and protection it gives. Users reviewed the app as average, the reason is,

  • No call Streaming
  • Can’t record calls
  • No support


  1. Phone Sheriff

Another cool and one of the best tracking apps in the market. People who used the app gave mostly positive reviews. It is necessary to keep yourself completely hidden while using a spy app. Phone Sheriff lacks the privacy factor. You are not completely secure while using Phone Sheriff. If privacy is not your concern you can use the app. Phone Sheriff app is not for:

  • Audio call Streaming
  • Call Recording
  • Access to instant messages


  1. Spyera

Spyera also got mixed reviews. There are many reasons to consider using the app. You can track phone, calls, texts, instant messaging apps, and social media but to a limited extent. The app lets you spy on cell phone without installing software on target phone, so your privacy is safe.If you need access to calls, texts, and location of the target phone, then go for Spyera app. But, if you require access to their social media usage and instant messages, the app is not for you.Spyera failed to deliver,

  • Call recording
  • Good privacy
  • Social media access
  • Instant message access


  1. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is affordable and easy to use application. The best feature of the app is its GPS tracking. No need to worry about loved ones and their security. The app offers many features but there are a few satisfied customers. You can get an idea of what’s going on, but if you need to see the other side of the coin completely, go for a better spying application. The app is not for,

  • Free GPS Tracking
  • Calls monitoring
  • Social media access
  • Instant messaging


  1. Toreimaspy

Many happy users of the app are parents who used the spying software to keep an eye on their children. They used the basic features like GPS tracking, access to their call logs, and to monitor or limit their internet usage. But, the users who expected more from the app were disappointed. Toreimaspy has got the 8th rank in best Spy app for Android. The overall performance of the app is average. With Toreimaspy you’ll not get,

  • Access to live calls
  • Record live calls
  • Free GPS tracking
  • Instants messages
  • Social media activities


  1. Mobistealth

The app is good if you are spying for fun, and not for something serious. You want to tease someone by telling their location or some other secret stuff, this app will help you. Your privacy is not guaranteed, you can easily be detected. Many users complained that the app was useless for them because they wanted more support and access. Mobistealth has some good features but you’ll be disappointed if you,

  • Want to listen to their live calls
  • Record the calls
  • Keep yourself hidden
  • Want extra support


  1. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is the most affordable app available in the market. Everything works well like, access to calls, texts, instant messages, GPS Tracking, etc. Still, many users don’t recommend it. Customer satisfaction is the only thing that counts in any business. According to many users of the app, they were having difficulty in using it. The reason it ranks lowest among the best mobile phone spy app is its limited access to the target phone. The spying is not as smooth and in-depth as claimed. Privacy is also not reliable. If you use iKeyMonitor, you’ll not get,

  • Call recording feature
  • Call streaming
  • Access to Instant messages
  • Access to Social media activity
  • Privacy


We discussed some useful features that a spying app should have.

Cell Tracker is the leading spying software among other top spy applications. Users are satisfied and recommend it.

Then we compared them with rest of the apps. All these spying applications claim that they let you spy on cell phone without installing software on target phone. 

The customer support team of Cell Tracker is efficient and helps you on each step. They assure you that your spying experience is hassle-free. The app is totally legal to use, unlike other apps which don’t give you legal surety.

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this is an awesome concept …


how to use it

April mugs
April mugs

With all effort I made to link with a spy app, I can’t forget how I was eased off of a very great danger to my life by
I had to text home every time to make sure everything went well. evidence was real and I got them.


When people say spying apps are not reliable I laugh at them aloud. I was introduced to a site called when I had marital issues with my husband. Their spy app helped me spy into his facebook, whatsapp, instagram account. I couldn’t believe it when it was done in just a few minutes. The app is very good and trustworthy. I want to fully recommend Cell Tracker for helping me. It saved my life literally, at least I owe the site publicity.

Chinenye Ruth Duru
Chinenye Ruth Duru

Can i spy a phone social media conversation without having access to the phone?