Nowadays, all Smartphones and tablets have an inbuilt GPS tracking feature that allows any user to track down their location and also helps in navigation. With these tracking features, you can easily track the location of kids, keep a check on the location of your partner, and also be safe. However, there are several cons as well. Many users have reported privacy and security concerts due to such tracking systems.

Now, the question arises whether mobile tracking is a boon or a bane? You can only find that out by knowing its pros and cons:


1. Locate Emergency Services: One of the major pros of a mobile phone tracker is that it helps you to locate all the nearby emergency services, such as police stations, hospitals, fire stations, etc. This way you can easily get rescued during emergency situations.

2. Child monitoring: Another benefit of this feature is safety. With GPS mobile tracking on your children’s phones, you can easily locate and monitor their activities. It can be helpful if your child is being dishonest or involved in some suspicious activities.

3. Find Friends: Even friend tracking has become easy with the GPS tracking system, improving your social life. You can use the “Find My Friends” feature to track the location of your friends via activated GPS on their Smartphones. This way you can easily contact them when they are nearby or even easily track them in crowded locations.

4. Business Management: With the help of mobile phone tracker, you can find the information from the phones of your employees to see how much time they spend on their job. The mobile tracking system can easily display an alert when an employee is driving post the speed limit. This feature is also beneficial for delivery companies and taxi services.


1. One of the biggest cons of mobile phone tracking is that it has many privacy concerns. Many people are uncomfortable with getting their GPS location tracked at all times. It may even lead to frauds, issues in social lives, and other privacy issues, especially for celebrities.

2. Another drawback of mobile tracking is that it doesn’t work accurately. If there is no 4G or proper Wi-Fi, it may not work with 100% efficiency.

GPS tracking has a limitation that it works only with an internet connection on the mobile phone. So, when there is no internet connection or there’s any network issue, it’s difficult to locate or track the monitored device.

A large number of companies are coming up with advanced mobile tracking apps, which can be downloaded from official websites or Android Play Store or iOS store. All you need to do is download these free mobile tracking apps to ensure the safety of your gadgets. However, you also need to be careful with the usage and tracking of a target device. It is beneficial when done for the right reasons and in accordance with the law. But you may end up in trouble if you use such apps for illegal activities or any wrong reasons.

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